About Me

I’ve been doing photography off and on for about ten years. I have been photographing pets and people with their pets for about six years. I graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado with a BA in photography in 2009. I have two passions in life, Photography and animals. My deep love for animals of all kinds makes me want to never stop learning more about them. I can’t imagine my life without animals and I love to be around people who feel the same way, therefore I have combined the two things in life that I love the most. I am a pet photographer.

I started pet sitting because I believe that your pet(s) should be in the comfort of their own home. Its hard enough for the owner to leave their pets and its always confusing for the pet when their owner(s) leave. Why take them to a strange and uncomfortable environment, when they can be happy where they are? They are the most comfortable in their own environment and you can have peace of mind while you are away. Overnight or scheduled visits, you have the option. I have experience with a wide variety of animals. Contact me for rates!